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Military Loyalty Club

Keep-M-Clean truly appreciates the dedication and courage it takes to protect our freedoms overseas and here at home. Whether it be serving in our Country’s military or protecting us as a first responder. To show our thanks, we are offering a special discounted rate for our wash packages and our unlimited club passes to all military men and women as well as any first responders.

Military Loyalty discount

When purchasing a car wash or unlimited VIP club pass simply show your valid military ID and you will receive:

  • $2 off our top two wash packages, the Extreme Clean and Ultimate Clean washes
  • 20% off our Extreme Clean unlimited VIP club pass
  • Valid at either location

Stop by any of our locations to sign up today!


Sign up for our VIP Unlimited Pass and the first month is only $10!


VIP Club Pass

Fleet Program

Want to Keep your Entire Fleet Clean?

Purchase one of our fleet account passes and you can keep your entire fleet clean for a low monthly rate! Contact Keep-M-Clean by clicking the link below or stop by any of our locations to sign your fleet up today!

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