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Keep-M-Clean Wants To Help Out The Communities That We Serve

Fundraising Efforts

Keeping your car clean is one of our main passions but we also have a strong passion and desire to help those in our community. Whether it be helping out the local youth football team or girl scout troop to raising money for the fallen solder relief fund, partnering with Keep-M-Clean gives your fundraising effort a unique platform to reach out to a large number of those in our local community.  Connecting with local groups to help raise their fundraising goals is always something that we truly cherish

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Helping Our Local Youth Football Team

Recently, Keep-M-Clean got the opportunity to help raise travel money for our local youth football team, the “insert football team name”. The wonderful members of the community came together and helped raise their goal amount to send the boys to a national football tournament where they represented northern colorado springs.

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U.S. Warriors Outdoor

When we first opened, we teamed up with U.S. Warriors Outdoors and The Home Front Cares organizations to help donating efforts for our veterans families.

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"I love this car wash. the service is stellar, the wash is great and the people are amazing. this is definitely my kind of place!"

Gina S. Falcon

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