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Wash Technology

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Dual Belt Conveyor

Our Location at Woodmen and Powers was the first car wash in Colorado Springs to have the dual belt conveyor. This system allows your to load your car into our wash with ease by guiding and taking control of all four tires simultaneously instead of just two tires like other car washes. This system also eliminates the old guide rail that is used in traditional chain and rail conveyors which are known for scratching rims and being difficult for loading cars into the wash. The dual belt conveyor system takes the worry out of mind and makes for an efficient ride through our wash.

Our Equipment

Our north location at Woodmen and Powers features some of the most innovative and rugged car wash technology that the industry has to offer. The wash features a round arch design which excels in both form and function. This design offers a more spacious feel for our customers while providing more accurate surface cleaning from the arch’s circumference. Using soft cloth technology on all of our brushes and wraps helps clean your car with a delicate touch without harming any of your paint surface.

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